Athens Probability Colloquium 5

Πότε 20/05/2017
από 11:10 έως 16:30
Που Amph. 24 Math Dept, UoA
Προσθήκη γεγονότος στο ημερολόγιο vCal


Following the success of the first four AProC meetings [1,2,3,4], we are again organizing this year’s one-day event, centered around three top-quality talks in probability and its interface with other active areas of current research activity. The main aim is to bring together all near-Athens-based researchers in probability and related areas of mathematics and applications.

All interested faculty, post-docs and students are welcome and are encouraged to attend

The talks are intended for a general (math/stat) audience and will be accessible to students without particular expertise in the specific areas of the topics discussed. Also, there will be ample time for free interaction and discussion between the participants.

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