History of the Department

Mathematics was at fisrt (in 1837) part of the education in the Philosophical University. The same was for all the physical and mathematical sciences. That was absolutely normal (for the age and current status of the young Greek state), after the structure of the University based on the German standards, according to which the newly established physical sciences and their teaching should be part of the philosophical studies. Likewise, within the rest European territories, the physical sciences hadn’t totally been destructed from the philosophical scope. The reason why, was that these sciences were believed to have originated and evolved from this philosophical scope and that they still remained mainly a theoretic speech for nature

The main aim of the Philosophical University was the formation of the secondary education.

The two first teachers assigned as Mathematicians to the former Philosophical University in 1837 was Konstantinos Negris (1804-1880) from 1837 to 1845 and Georgios K. Vouris, from nearly 1837 to 1845. The last composed the five-volume "Series of Mathematics". Other Mathematicians-Astrologists that performed as teachers were Ioannis Papadakis (1825-1876), Dimitrios Krokidis (1840-1896) and the Mathematician-Philologist Vasilios Lakon (1830-1900), who was the first Dr of the independent Mathematics Department of the University of Athens and performed as a dean, as well (1880-1881).

The extraction of the Mathematic’s and Physic’s department was fulfilled in 1904 with the contribution of the teacher of the General Experimental Chemistry, Anastasios Christomanos, who had also performed as a dean (1896-1897). Thus, the departments of Mathematics and Physics where established, which stood for the first independent departments of the Physicomathematical section of the University.

The introduction of Greece to the international research was attained with the teacher Nikolaos Χ. Nikolaidis (1826-1880), who was initially officer of the Mechanics, became excellent Dr of d' Etat of the University of Paris and had participated as a leader to a volunteer league in the revolution of Creta (1896). He performed as a teacher of Mathematics for the University of Athens 1861 to 1871. Chronologically, he was next followed by the Mathematician Kiparissos Stefanos (1857-1917), who was also an excellent Dr of d' Etat of the University of Paris and performed as a dean, too (1894-1895).

His students were the next three of the teachers: Panagiotis Zervos (1878-1952) who additionally performed as a dean (1935-1936), Georgios Remoundos (1878-1928) and Nikolaos Ι. Chatzidakis (1872-1942). To reach an end, Theodoros Varopoulos (1894-1957) had performed as an extra teacher but was late on assigned as a teacher to the University of Thessalonikis.

Significantly important, although short (1922-1923), was the contribution of Konstantinos Karatheodoris (1872-1950), who was requested from Eleutherios Venizelos to organize the University of Smirnis. Mr Karatheodoris was a Mathematician of the Emigrant Greeks with a worldwide fame and was the main editor of the Greek low No5343/1932, according to which all the Universities of Greece operated for over 50 years.

Before the establishment of independent departments according to the low No1268/1982, Theoretical Mechanics consisted one of the main subjects of Mathematics. Teacher to this subject performed Konstantinos Papaioanou.

For the younger years until 1974, as Mathematics Teachers performed the following: Nilos Sakelariou (Geometry), Spiros Saradopoulos (Geometry), Christos Fousianis (Algebra), Mavrikios Brikas (Geometry). Worth of mentioning is the teacher of Mathematic Analysis (1935-1970), Dimitrios Kappos (1904-1985) who contributed significantly to the development of the department with many students and his remarkable writings and surveys.

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